Senior Gift

Congratulations on being a little over 100 days away from graduating High School!! Below please find the form to vote for what your Class of 2018 Senior Gift will be.!

For the Class of 2018 senior gift, we’ve talked to a lot of people and come up with a few options that would be a good addition to the school and a nice legacy for us.

First is to replant the trees in the front of the school in order to enhance its appearance.

Our second idea is portable speakers. We have probably all had experiences on the field or court where the speakers were acting up and we want to have the opportunity to fix that.

Our third idea is to make a Bishop Fenwick smartphone app, having all academic and social aspects of the school combined on your phone. We will actually be able to use this as our senior activities begin and it will be downloadable from the app store.

You also have the ability to state your own idea if you feel that it would be better.

Thank you for participating and making your voice heard!!! This survey will be open until Sunday February 4th!

Senior Gift Vote