Scholarships and Sponsorships

One of the most impactful ways you can have a direct impact on a student's future is by contributing to or establishing a scholarship fund or sponsoring a student.

Scholarships and sponsorship are awarded to current students for their tuition at Bishop Fenwick as well as graduating seniors for college and university costs.

Benefactors are invited to participate in scholarship award ceremonies each spring and the Benefactor's Gathering in the fall to witness the direct impact scholarship and sponsorship donors have upon the Fenwick community.


Sponsor a Student Sponsorships are established by an individual, family, or corporate donor willing to contribute in a significant way to making a Bishop Fenwick education possible to a deserving student with recognized need during their high school career. Sponsorships are established at a minimum range of $3,000 to $5,000 annually for the duration of the student's time at Bishop Fenwick.


These funds are established through major gifts ($25,000 and above) intended to establish a lasting legacy in honor or memory of an individual or family. A specific scholarship gift amount is determined and these funds are then given annually to support Bishop Fenwick High School students. The Director of Advancement works with the donor to establish scholarship criteria at the inception of the fund.


These funds are established to honor or memorialize loved ones or valued members of the Bishop Fenwick community. In 1995, Bishop Fenwick set the standard for naming a scholarship fund at $10,000 in order to generate the sufficient funds necessary to perpetuate the legacy of an honored or memorialized individual. Revenues from these funds partially support a student qualifying for tuition assistance at Bishop Fenwick High School.


These funds, generated through our honor and memorials program contribute to the general assistance available to students through the school’s financial aid program and may also be dedicated to a special project or program. Gifts of this nature are typically received as one time contributions to honor or memorialize individuals. Additionally, Bishop Fenwick High School also subsidizes this fund through its operating budget.

Current Scholarships and Sponsorships

Sponsor a Student Sponsorship

Stephen F. Baker ‘74 Memorial Fund Sponsorship

George and Marie Coleman Memorial Sponsorship

Dunn Family Sponsorship

Century Bank Sponsorship

Danversbank Charitable Foundation Sponsorship

DeSimone Family Sponsorship

Fidelity Alumni Collaborative Sponsorship

Harrington Family Sponsorship

Mr. Bryce Murray and Rev. Louis Bourgeois Memorial Sponsorship

Peabody Collaborative Sponsorship

Sullivan Family Sponsorship

Named Endowed Funds

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Sirois Endowment Fund
Established: 1998

Dr. Herbert and Mrs. Elizabeth Hagele Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established: 1999

Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur Endowment Fund
Established: 2000

Bernie Mitchell ’67 Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established: 2003

Helen M. Gaieski Restricted Endowed Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established: 2005

Brad Svoboda ’95 Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established: 2007


James R. Brady, Jr. ’67 Memorial Scholarship Fund

Established: 1999

Sr. Mary Louise Burns, S.N.D. Memorial ­Scholarship Fund
Established: 1988

Ellen Cecil Scholarship Fund
Established: 2003

Steven Donaldson ’64 Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established: 1989

Raymond Gallant, Jr. ’76 Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established: 1989

Teddy and Gina Jaworski Scholarship Fund
Established: 1978

Ross A. Ketchopulos '01 Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established: 2006

Howard T. McCormack ’67 Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established: 1981

Mr. Robert McNamara Scholarship Fund
Established: 2000

Edward J. McNiff Memorial Scholarship
Established: 1988

Sr. Margaret Melville, S.N.D., Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established: 1993

Reverend Richard Messina Scholarship Fund
Established: 1984

Christine O’Donnell Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established: 1986

Scott O’Keeffe ’87 Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established: 1990

Lesley Anne Oliver ’86 Scholarship Fund
Established: 1987

Albert C. Plante Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established: 1986

Mr. Jeremiah R. Sheehan Scholarship Fund
Established: 2001

Katy Warde ’85 Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established: 1997

Wood Family Scholarship Fund
Established: 2002


Interested in making a lifelong impact in a student's life? Please contact the Advancement Director, Tim von Jess, by email or 978 587-8323 if you would like to initiate a fund in honor of a loved one, make a gift to any one of the established scholarships or make memorial donations.