Summer at Fenwick

Achievement and Opportunity Throughout the Year

Fenwick offers numerous summer programs for current students and incoming freshmen.

Write for Acceptance

"Write for Acceptance" is an 8-day intensive course to help incoming seniors create a resume and write a college essay. Activities include self-assessment, brainstorming, one-on-one coaching and editing. Students are given support throughout the application process with both essay and short answer edits. At the completion of this program, they are prepared to begin the college application process without the stress of writing their resume and their essay during the school year. 2018 Dates TBD

All Aboard (for incoming freshman)

For incoming freshman students, Fenwick offers "All Aboard!" a two-week program that provides them the opportunity to acclimate themselves to Fenwick and make friends during the summer. Students in this program take a course in one of three areas of Fenwick’s core curriculum: core academic skills, visual arts, and performing arts. By the end of the program they will have completed at least one of the assigned summer readings and accompanying projects. 2018 Dates: TBD

Algebra 2 Warm-up

If you are interested in enhancing your Algebra 1 skills in order to be ready for Algebra 2 in the fall then this is the course for you!
This course is designed around the central idea that mathematics is best mastered by solving problems. Through problem-solving, you will deepen your understanding of the concepts presented in a typical Algebra 1 course as well as develop new algebraic tools. The scope and content of this course will assist students with their preparation for the PSAT and other similar standardized tests. This course is not intended to cover the material of a full year course in Algebra 1. A TI-84 graphing calculator is required.
2018 Dates: TBD

Registration for classes may be completion online or a clickable form by mail.