Summer at Fenwick

Write for Acceptance

For Rising Seniors
via ZOOM

Rising Seniors, Jump Start your College Application Essay!

Dates: June 22-26 at 8am
Cost: $350

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If you are a: fall athlete or in the fall Drama Production, applying to a competitive school, applying for early acceptance, a procrastinator or writing is not your strength then you need to begin writing your college application essay NOW so you return to school in the fall with a final draft ready to upload into your applications.

How to get organized for writing your essay:

ØDo the colleges you are applying to require an essay or writing sample? If you are using the Common Application to apply to colleges, an essay is required.

ØHow competitive are the schools you are applying to? The more selective the school, the greater weight is given to the writing sample in the admission process. Will your essay be strong enough?

ØWho is reading your essay? What are they looking for in a student? What will capture (and keep) their interest?

ØWhat topics are definitely ones to stay away from? Will my essay stand out if I write about COVID 19,the pandemic or quarantine?

ØWho is the essay to be about? Once an Admissions Counselor has read my essay, how will they describe you?

ØHow long must the essay be?

ØHow many ideas can you come up with while brainstorming?

ØWhat is your writing process?

ØWho will give you the best feedback on your many drafts?

ØWho will edit your essay?

ØHow will you know when your essay is ready to upload into your application(s)?

If you feel you need help, Write for Acceptance, Inc. is for you. Write for Acceptance, Inc. is an intensive five day course designed for the rising senior. This year the course will be held virtually from June 22nd through June 26th***. Students will meet as a group each morning beginning at 8:00am and will then be working with one instructor in groups of eight students. In addition, each student will work with instructors one on one through Zoom meetings as well as editing sessions that will be through email. Students are expected to be available through Noon each day and may have editing sessions if requested by the instructor after noon. The goal of the course is for every student to complete a Final Draft that will be read and critiqued once again in September. At the end of the week, each student and their parents will be invited to a meeting where the student will read their DRAFT and their progress will be discussed. Students who attend the course are given support throughout their college application process in writing both additional essays and short answer questions required by college applications they are submitting.

Students will be expected to write and produce drafts throughout the week. Drafts will be submitted to their instructor and will be returned with suggested edits. Attendance in class is recorded and absences or frequent tardiness will be reported to parents via email. Students will be encouraged and receive support to write an essay that reflects their writing ability and makes them stand out from other applicants. To do this, students need to be engaged in the classes and willing to write and re-write many drafts as well as attend all sessions with their instructors.

***If we fill the June 22nd – June 26th session, we will offer a second session June 15th through June 19th.

Write for Acceptance, Inc. is a program designed and administrated for the past fifteen years at Bishop Fenwick by Ms. McLaughlin. Ms. McLaughlin is currently a Guidance Counselor at Bishop Fenwick High School with a proven record of mentoring students striving to write effective college application essays. Additional professional staff will be hired to assist as dictated by registrations.

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The fee of $350.00 for Bishop Fenwick students includes all materials, class coaching, one-on-one editing sessions, one re-read with edit in September, support with additional required essays and short answers plus the family meeting at the conclusion of the week long course. For questions, contact Ms. McLaughlin, MLM@FENWICK.ORG or 978-587-8316.

Questions? Contact Ms. McLaughlin at or by phone 978 587-8316.

Math Enrichment

For Rising Sophomores
& Juniors

Instructor: Ms. O’Dea
On-Line via ZOOM

Time: 8:30am - 10:30am
June 22-25, June 29 - July 2, July 6-9, July 13-16
Cost: $300

If you are interested in enhancing your Math skills over the summer then this is the course for you!

This course is designed around the central idea that mathematics is best mastered by solving problems. Through problem-solving, you will deepen your understanding of the concepts presented in a typical Algebra course as well as develop new algebraic and technology tools. The scope and content of this course will assist students with their preparation for the PSAT and other similar standardized tests.

This course is not intended to cover the material of a full year course in mathematics. A TI-84 graphing calculator is required.

Questions? Contact Ms. Nagle at

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Summer Precalculus Online

For Rising Seniors with teacher approval
Summer Precalculus CP is a 5+ week online course which will cover the curriculum of the full-year Fenwick Precalculus CP course. This course is rigorous and intense and is therefore not recommended for all students. The cost for this class is $675.
Due to the nature of this course, students must:

  • be self-motivated
  • have an A- or better average in Algebra 2 CP or a B- or better average in Algebra 2 Honors
  • have the recommendation of their Algebra 2 teacher and the Math department chairperson
  • earn a B- or better in the Summer Precalculus class in order to advance to Calculus Honors in the fall.

Questions? Contact Ms. Nagle at

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All Aboard

For Incoming Freshman
All students are highly encouraged to attend.
Monday- Friday, August 3rd – 7th 8:00 am to 12:15 pm
Fee: $250.00
Fee includes all the materials that a student needs to be organized the first day of school as well as the summer reading book and all supplies needed to participate in the program.

ALL ABOARD 2024 opens the door for a successful transition to high school and a focus on achievement for the newest members of the Fenwick Family. The program prepares students for what they need to not only be organized the first day of school but also to feel comfortable in their new surroundings. In a no stress, supportive environment, students will:
  • connect with their fellow classmates and with faculty
  • complete the assigned freshman summer reading.
  • acclimate to their new high school building
  • become familiar with the expectations of the high school curriculum.
  • become prepared with the study and organizational skills and strategies needed to be successful.
  • become organized with One Note, our online organizational system.
  • become familiar with the personal technology needed both in the classroom and for virtual learning.
  • experience the experimental component of a science classroom.
  • gain insight to Bishop Fenwick’s theology, reading, writing, math, science and Fine Arts programs.
ALL ABOARD 2024 offers the opportunity to make many connections with Bishop Fenwick before the first day of school. Students will experience Fenwick in key areas of our curriculum: core academic skills, math and science preparedness as well as The Fine Arts.

Core Academic: Assigned summer reading, math and science skills provide the backdrop to the academic portion of the course.
Students are taught to master study skills and strategies as well as the technological skills needed to be a successful student both in the classroom and in the event that virtual learning becomes a necessity. Students are introduced to math skills needed to succeed in the high school Algebra and Geometry classes as they work to solve problems.
A hands-on experience in Science will introduce the students to the scientific method, critical thinking, asking questions and formulating a hypothesis.
On the final day of All Aboard 2024 the program will conclude with a program for parents and friends at the end of the morning session.

The summer reading book used in the course will be distributed to all registered students in July. Once the books arrive, families will be notified. Students attending All Aboard 2024 will need to have a personal laptop, tablet or other personal technology. As part of the program, students will be assisted in loading software that they will use as part of school at Bishop Fenwick.

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Questions? Contact Ms. McLaughlin at or by phone 978 587-8316.