Fenwick Connect

At Fenwick, we are intentional about community and centered on relationship. In a world of so much isolation and alienation, in a culture where so many young people experience loneliness—and all that goes with it—we know that we must create time for connections. Our connections with God, within ourselves, with our classmates and colleagues, and among our entire Fenwick Family are both vital and sacred. And these relationships do not happen by accident.

Each Monday morning, we gather together as an entire community to celebrate the prior week’s successes and to highlight the upcoming week’s opportunities. We start with prayer and the pledge, and we call to mind and heart all who are most in need of our care and concern. We award Fenwick FIRST, recognize student achievements, promote events and activities, and even hand out Dunkin Donuts gift cards to those who answer Mr. Nunan’s trivia questions! This weekly meeting, often injected with numerous student and teacher voices, is a critical touchstone for our entire school.

Each of the other mornings we bring an entire grade level together for prayer, reflection, and conversation. Amidst Scripture readings, shared petitions, and student announcements, we have Fenwick Connect and Reflect (FCR). FCR is our public speaking program where during each morning gathering, two students deliver speeches to their classmates on a topic of their choice. The speech could be about a summer job or a travel experience, about a news story or a life lesson, about a favorite book or movie or about an inspiring family member or personal hero; the topics are as diverse as our students!

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Student Quote of the Week - From Fenwick Connect and reflect

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