Fenwick Parents Association

The Fenwick Parents Association follows in the rich tradition of the St. Benedict Guild.

Throughout the close to 60 year history of the St. Benedict Guild, Bishop Fenwick High School and its students received the gracious support of this parent group through wonderful events and programs throughout the year.

The Fenwick Parent's Association, the next generation of the St. Benedict Guild, remains devoted to this tradition of parental efforts in support of the school and students. Below is a list of the events which the FPA offers its gracious support. Consider joining fellow parents in support of all the students of Fenwick!

In addition to the various school-wide events, the FPA is gearing up to host two events, the 2019 Night at the Races to be held on November 16th and the 6th Annual Toast to Fenwick on February 1, 2020 both which have become much-anticipated social events filled with an evening of fun, friendship and refreshment. Stay tuned for additional information.

All parents are members of the association. To find out about becoming more active in this vital organization, please email FPA@fenwick.org.

2019-2020 Parents Association Board

Traci DeMarco P’18, ‘20
Nicky Kern P‘20

Andrea Dugan P’20


Carrie Dwyer P’17, ‘21

Board Members

Tracy Scolaro P’21, ‘21
Wendy Pignone P'19, '21
Sue and Chuck Durkin P'17, '21
Colleen Gonzalez P'16, '21, '21
Deb McCarthy P'17, '21
Danielle Desplaines P’21
Deb Santoro P'21
Jenn Troisi P'22
Joanne Gioia P'18, '21
John Camozzi P'21
Julia Agbonavbare P'20
Lisa Ferguson P'22

Thank you to our 2019 Toast to Fenwick Vendors

Thank you to our Parent Volunteers at
Back to School Night!
Nicky Kern P'20
Kristen Clark P'18, '20
Chuck and Sue Durkin P'17, '21
Michaela Desmond P'21
Amy George P' 19, '23
Jennifer Caputo P'22
Beth Fantozzi P'13, '16, '19

like to get involved?

Interested in meeting fellow parents?
Review the below list of events/parent volunteers who have already signed up and send an email to FPA@fenwick.org to communication which event(s) you'd like to help support!

Fenwick Parents Association
Building and Strengthing the
Fenwick Parent Community