Retreats and Mission Trips

Providing Opportunities for Student Reflection and Service to others

Our school-wide retreat program is offered for all Fenwick students, by grade, during a required school day. In the fall, there are freshman and sophomore retreats created and facilitated by the Campus Ministry office, Peer Leaders and faculty. In the spring, there is a junior retreat and senior reflections day.

Retreats are designed to share common encounters with an entire class and provide an understanding of the Catholic Faith outside of the classroom setting. Students engage in icebreakers, discussion, witness, activities and Mass in a full school day time period.

All retreats are structured around Pope Francis’ message of the succession of love: love of God, love of self and love of others.

Mission Trips
Bishop Fenwick participates on mission trips with the organization Beyond Sunday Missions. This year the group will return to nearby Rumford, Maine. Over the years, nearby Rumford Mills as well as many other lumber companies in the area which used to provide jobs, have become highly mechanized. Subsequently, this has reduced the number of human laborers needed to work in the industries. Jobs are scarce and are often low-paying or require traveling long distances to work. Almost half the population in the area consists of retirees.

This year’s mission trip will provide students will the opportunity to not only labor for new homes and design, but allow interaction with the residents and hear their stories, attend weekly Mass and continue to develop faith formation. They have the opportunity not only to serve others physically but to be served spiritually.


Freshmen Retreat

Freshman Retreat- Love God

Students learn about the omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient Creator. In conjunction with the Freshman Religion curriculum, students learn and experience integral elements of the Catholic Faith especially reverence, study and piety. In addition, students are introduced to community and Christ being the cornerstone of our “Fenwick Family”. The community is not just meant to SURVIVE but THRIVE!

Sophmore Retreat

Sophomore Retreat- Love Self

Students will take an inward reflection on self as they face their gifts, talents, abilities and inabilities. The retreat focuses on the dogma, Imago Dei, in which everyone is created in the image and likeness of God. Students are empowered by activities and discussion to understand they are immeasurably valued in this community and world: God does not make junk!

Junior Retreat

Junior Retreat- Love Others

Students are given the opportunity to look back at their school community. The integral message is forgiveness of self and others. Students are called towards teamwork and discipleship, not isolation or separation. Along with Mass, the opportunity for the Sacrament of Reconciliation is available. In conjunction with the Junior Religion curriculum of Morality and Catholic Social Teaching, students learn ways to uphold the value of life and act in solidarity.

Senior Reflection

Senior year, students have from October to May to complete their Senior Service Project. Through coordination in Campus Ministry, students serve at a non-profit organization for forty hours. On Senior Reflections Day, students share their experiences, whether positive or negative in small discussion groups. Students finish the day with a final Mass held outside right near the school's pavilion. This provides a reflection break between Senior Exams and Senior Events, which students can truly be still in God’s presence and reflect on their past high school journey and their new journey to come!