Peer Leadership

Leadership Training Opportunities for Students

Our Campus Ministry Peer Leadership program, a facet of Fenwick’s “Personal Best” program, offers hands-on leadership skills training. This program develops students who, when trained in leadership skills, choose to use their talents and skills to help others. Students are welcome to participate in the Peer Leadership program beginning in their sophomore year.

Who is a Peer Leader? The mission of Bishop Fenwick High School is to “teach as Christ did.” Our Peer Leaders are expected to be individuals who are inspired by Jesus Christ and strive to be effective by embodying Christ’s purposeful actions. They are aware of the world and want to make a difference. They are confident with a strong moral character, deeply respectful of others, honors diversity, and are self-motivated.

What do Peer Leaders do? Peer Leaders spread Christ’s Gospel message in all aspects of life whether social, academic or environmental. They provide leadership and ministry to their classmates. Ministry through conflict resolution, counsel for stress and struggle, and faith development. Peer Leaders grow in character, self-awareness and spirituality.

  • Peer Leaders must attend at least one Peer Leadership meeting a month.
  • They must participate in at least three outreach events each semester.
  • They are responsible for cooperatively organizing one additional outreach event with the Campus Minister.
  • They must help with school wide Mass and assist in one class retreat each year.
  • They are expected to help with school wide events

How to Become a Peer Leader

How do I become a Peer Leader? If you would like to be a Peer Leader, you may apply through a short application process and interview (click here for online application).

Any questions or comments, please email Mrs. McDonald at

Please stop by Campus Ministry for updates on Retreats, Peer Leader Meetings, Fellowship, and Outreach events!