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Click Here for Fenwick Vimeo Page -- Vimeo is the live stream hosting site of Fenwick.  Archieved videos and live streams can also be found through this link.

The goal of the Bishop Fenwick Athletic Department is to augment the academic, spiritual, and social program of Fenwick by providing opportunities for achievement for those students who seek to participate in a team sport.

In striving for success, the members of our coaching staffs endeavor to instill the qualities of leadership, loyalty, and sportsmanship. The student athlete learns to cope with winning and losing; to be humble in victory, proud in defeat. Nearly 80% of the student body participates in at least one sport during their four years here.

Being a Fenwick athlete is a privilege that carries with it responsibilities to the school, team, student body and their family. Healthy competition challenges our students to discover their strengths. Our playing fields reflect not only our student’s athleticism, but their respect, integrity and honor. Each year Fenwick sees numerous students continue their athletic careers at various Division I, II and III colleges and universities across the country.

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