The Class of 1964 Celebrates their 55th Reunion!

The Class of 1969 Celebrates their 50th Reunion!

Front Row: Doris Dupuis Cockreham, Joanne Levesque Lund, Eloise Mello Gabriel, Judy Quinn McNiff, Sandy Amenta Kruczkowski, Kathy McManus,Kathy Hayes Moore, Tony Porcello, Angela Themes, Mary Ellen Snell Rouillard, Mary Gagnon McDermott, Christine Hoffman Beote, Mike Barrett.

Second Row: Terri Byrne Murphy, Janet Piercey McAskill, Michelle Ouellette Jaeckel, Colleen Crowley, Dottie Cardella Keenan, Christine Batakis Carroll,Kathy Blute, Bev McGlynn, Linda Masterson, Mary Ellen McEwan Doyle, Linda Mizzi,Laurie Barbarick Delande, Diane Regis McMahon,Eileen Hennessey Braley, Mary Jane Jeffrey Gilford, Shirley Haynes, Diane L'Abbe Andruskiewicz, Nancy Coleman Swanson,

Third Row: John Lund, Carl Menici, Mark Kuhn, Richard St. Pierre, Peter Moore, Connie Piotrowicz Vanne, Kathleen Cornell Cantwell, Dave McCarthy, Chuck Dolan, Mike Prior,John Tully, Keith Oullette,Dick Daly, Cindy King, Bob Murphy, Linda Rooney Armstrong,Dave Melanson.


If you graduated in a year ending in "1 or "6", your reunion year is 2021!

Each class has a unique personality, and your reunion will vary depending on that identity and where you are in life.

Some classes have already started planning their reunions, and others still need organizers.  Do you have news? Need to update your information so you don’t miss anything? Fill out the update form below !


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