The Class of 1987 Celebrates their 35th Reunion!


All reunion plans will be detailed under your class's drop down panel. If you would like to volunteer to begin planning your class's reunion -
contact our Director of Alumni Relations
Sarah LoPresti
For those classes planning a reunion for this Fall or next Spring, the Fenwick Alumni Office is ready to help with space, email invitations, class lists, etc.! Fenwick's new Crusader Square event space is the perfect place for your reunion! 
2022 Reunion Years  
1967 - 55th Reunion 
1972 - 50th Reunion 
1977 - 45th Reunion 
1982 - 40th Reunion 
1987 - 35th Reunion 
1992 - 30th Reunion 
1997 - 25th Reunion 
2002 - 20th Reunion 
2007 - 15th Reunion 
2012 - 10th Reunion 
2017 - 5th Reunion 
2021 - 1st Reunion 
2023 Reunion Years 
1963 - 60th Reunion
1968 - 55th Reunion 
1973 - 50th Reunion 
1978 - 45th Reunion 
1983 - 40th Reunion 
1988 - 35th Reunion 
1993 - 30th Reunion 
1997 - 25th Reunion 
2003 - 20th Reunion 
2008 - 15th Reunion 
2013 - 10th Reunion 
2018 - 5th Reunion 
2022 - 1st Reunion 

Each class has a unique personality, and your reunion will vary depending on that identity and where you are in life. Some classes have already started planning their reunions, and others still need organizers. 

Contact our Director of Alumni Relations, Sarah LoPresti, with any interest in planning your next reunion!

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