Alumni Family Legacy

Fenwick's legacy is evident in the number of families with multiple generations of Fenwick students and alumni.


Here are some examples of legacy families that a part of the Fenwick Community. We know there are many more of you out there and we would love to hear from you! 

What a Fenwick Legacy!

It is not uncommon to have several members from one family graduate from Bishop Fenwick. When all nine siblings from a family graduate from Fenwick, that deserves our attention! We were recently introduced to the McKay family to learn more about this amazing Fenwick legacy. Let’s first introduce you to the family line up—David ’66, Robert ’68, Peter ’70, John ’72, Sheila ’73, Deborah ’74, Patricia ’76, Cynthia ’79, and Janice ’80. If you do the math, this Fenwick family is an entire baseball or softball team!

When asked why they each attended Fenwick, the common answer was that their parents had a very strong belief in education and wanted all of their children to receive the very best education possible. After graduating from Fenwick, the McKay siblings continued to fulfill their parents’ wishes by pursuing college degrees and then earning many advanced degrees. Four of the McKays graduated from Boston College, one from George Washington, another from UNH, another from Salem State University, and another from University of Tampa. Five of the McKays have advanced degrees in either medicine or law. 

When expressing their favorite Fenwick memories, ice cream at Treadwells was a popular response! Other common themes included their participation on athletic teams—football, basketball, and field hockey. The most valuable skills that they learned at Fenwick were strong communication, teamwork, organization, writing, inclusion and faith, and the will always to compete.

The McKays had wonderful words of advice for today’s Fenwick students—volunteer and give back; experience as many classes, sports, and clubs that you can; look for important helpers; and follow your dreams and goals.

The McKays remain a tight and close family, just imagine what their Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays must be like! They sadly lost their sister Janice in 2017 and their brother Peter in 2019. They remember them both with great love and respect.

We thank the McKay family for sharing their Fenwick experiences with us. There are several other large legacy families of Fenwick we look forward to sharing their stories with you in a future alumni newsletter.

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