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Peter Andruszkiewicz '75

Hand-made artisan goods from the Catskills
Three generations of artists creating beautifully crafted bowls, charcuterie boards, pens, wine bottle stoppers, and more in the Catskill Mountains.

Alum and Fenwick Board of Trustee member Peter Andruszkiewicz '75 has remained busy since his retirement. In an email to a number of his fellow alums, Peter A recently shared ...

As you may know, I've spent quite a bit of time since my retirement learning to turn wood on a lathe. In addition I’ve also had the amazing opportunity and gift of collaborating with three of the most special women in my life... Danielle, my mother in law, Margo, and our daughter, Grace, to create a variety of wood and stained glass pieces from bowls to charcuterie boards, wine bottle stoppers, pens, boxes, and decorative wall hangings. We're excited to share our work and have recently launched a website ( as well as Facebook / Instagram accounts.

Peter A and members of his family

Tim Taylor ’79

Lost 52 Project Founder: Fenwick Alum Tim Taylor ’79

Tim, Lost 52 Project Founder, whose mission along with the team of explorers, is dedicated to preserving and telling the story of WWII Submarines and Submariners.

Recently, Tim and his team found a Navy Submarine, Missing for 75 Years off the coast of Okinawa. The U.S.S. Grayback beneath 1,400 feet of water was discovered after realizing that a mistranslated Japanese war record had pointed searchers in the wrong direction. Read below the recently published NY Times article reagrding this incredible discovery.

Click here to watch a mini documentary of Tim's work.

Tim Taylor, an undersea explorer, set up the Lost 52 Project with the goal of finding the wrecks of every American submarine lost in World War II. Credit...Mary Inhea Kang for The New York Times

John Ismay
Published Nov. 10, 2019 Updated Dec. 2, 2019

A 75-year-old mystery has been solved, and the families of 80 American sailors lost at sea will now have closure: the U.S.S. Grayback has finally been found.

It was hidden from discovery all this time by a single errant digit. Click to continue reading...

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Alumni News


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