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Dr. Eileen Haley ’68 Mathieu – A Woman of Many Talents

In the summer of 2023, Dr. Eileen Haley ’68 Mathieu received Massachusetts’ prestigious Commonwealth Heroine Award for her instrumental role in local environmental advocacy. She was nominated for this award by State Representative Jenny Armini. The award was created several years ago to celebrate the great work of women that make impactful contributions to their communities. In Eileen’s case, she was recognized for her leadership in helping the Town of Marblehead focus its attention on the climate crisis, driving policy development with the creation of Marblehead’s Net Zero Roadmap.
Prior to devoting so much of her time to environmental work, Eileen practiced medicine. After graduating from Fenwick, Eileen attended Stanford University where she earned her undergraduate degree in Human Biology. After Stanford, she went on to study medicine at Boston University Medical School. Following medical school and residency, she passed Boards in Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine. Eileen worked at several North Shore hospitals, including JB Thomas, Anna Jaques, and Salem Hospital doing Emergency Medicine. In 1994, Eileen joined Lynnfield Medical where she practiced Internal Medicine until her retirement in 2016. She married Dr. Owen Mathieu in 1987 and they have 3 children.
When asked why she chose to attend Bishop Fenwick, Eileen said, “My parents very much believed in Catholic school education and felt Bishop Fenwick was the right fit for me, which it was! I loved the school’s nurturing environment and meeting students from so many different towns and communities.” In regard to Eileen’s favorite classes and memories, she quickly responded, “My religion class with Mr. Wescott, being editor of the newspaper, and being on the basketball and track teams. I remember with great fondness the many bus rides to our basketball games, - lots of great laughs!”
Eileen explained that she learned valuable and impactful lessons from her Fenwick experience. “I learned great leadership, teamwork, and collaboration skills at Fenwick. These skills allowed me to become Class Vice-President, Co-Captain of the Basketball Team, and Valedictorian. I also learned the importance of goal setting and hard work. And Fenwick opened my eyes to several new foreign languages.” 
When asked what words of advice she’d like to pass along to today’s Fenwick students, Eileen said, “Be sure to include travel in your future years, to expose yourself to other cultures, and to learn other languages—you will use them for the rest of your life!” She also credits Fenwick with instilling the values of doing community service and of taking personal responsibility to make social change.
Thank you, Eileen, for sharing your wonderful story with the Fenwick community, and thank you for your leadership and dedication in helping to make our planet a better place for future Crusaders!

Craig Burkinshaw ’93—Chocolate is in His DNA!

Craig Burkinshaw ’93 is a fourth-generation confectioner who grew up in the candy business. Today, Craig and his wife, Jenn, own and operate The Chocolate Truffle in Reading, MA. They take great pride in the products and gifts they create. According to Craig, “Candy making is becoming a lost art and I hope to continue the tradition. There really aren’t any schools for making candy and most of the knowledge is handed down from one generation to the next.”
When asked why he decided to attend Fenwick, Craig explained two key reasons: the first was his family is legacy at Fenwick, and the second was because his grandparents lived on Margin Terrace! He would often visit, then sit on their back porch, watch many Fenwick football games, and dream about the day he would soon be there! Fast forward to today, Craig and his family now live just a few blocks from Fenwick. He, his wife, and his daughter, Meagan, a 2023 Fenwick graduate, would spend many a day in her early years watching Fenwick Softball practices and games, just like her dad!
After graduating from Fenwick, Craig went on to attend Merrimack College where he earned his degree in Business Administration, with a concentration in Accounting. Because he grew up in the world of candy and chocolates, with his great-grandfather, grandfather, and father all in the candy business, Craig knew he wanted to return to the world of candy after graduation. He spent some time working at and consulting for candy stores throughout New England. In 2015 Craig had the opportunity to purchase his own candy store,
The Chocolate Truffle, and he jumped at the chance!
In recalling some of his favorite memories at Fenwick, Craig told us that he loved his physics class with Mrs. Comeau, “She was a wonderful teacher and I learned so much from her.” A few other favorite times at Fenwick included his Senior Week Events and Squirt Gun Day!
In describing what skills he learned at Fenwick, Craig observed, “Fenwick always put an emphasis on being a good leader, taught me to have a good moral compass, and to do the right thing.” When asked what words of advice he’d like to pass along to today’s Fenwick students, Craig said, “It is important that you get to know and talk to people face to face rather than just via social media.”
Thank you, Craig, for sharing your story with the Fenwick community. If any of you have a sweet tooth and are looking for great chocolates and candy, The Chocolate Truffle is located at 494 Main Street in Reading, MA, and can be found online at

Chris Carter ’92 – A Great Golf Professional at Many Levels

For Chris Carter, he knew at a very young age that the world of golf would become his lifelong passion. As a boy, Chris grew up down the street from a golf course where he spent many of his teen years cleaning golf carts, working the counters, and cleaning the grounds, all while practicing his golf game whenever he could. According to Chris, “I fell in love with the game and the business of golf, and I then pursued my dreams to make it a full-time job!” Today Chris serves as the Head PGA and Golf Professional at Hillview Golf Course in North Reading, and he owns and operates Golf Facilities Management, Inc., that oversees the daily operations of Beverly Golf and Tennis Club in Beverly, MA; Gannon Golf Club in Lynn, MA; and Hillview Golf Course.
After graduating from Fenwick, Chris went to Bryant University to pursue a career in finance. He had successful golf careers at both Fenwick and Bryant. Soon after graduating from Bryant, Chris knew his true love was going to be golf. Chris immediately pursued his dream and became a PGA Golf Pro at age 23, one of the youngest in the nation at that time. His successful golf career, both as a PGA player and a golf course operator, were all soon launched!
When asked why he chose to attend Bishop Fenwick, Chris told us, “My parents believed strongly in Catholic education. My sister was a sophomore at Fenwick and I liked everything that she was doing at the school. The school’s academics and athletics really impressed me.” Chris added, “Fenwick helped me immensely with my interpersonal skills. I was a shy kid when I arrived, and the school brought me out of my shell. I attribute this all to a faculty team who really cares.”
Chris’ strong belief in the importance of a Fenwick education led his two children to attend Fenwick. His daughter, Catherine, graduated from Fenwick in 2022 and is now a sophomore at Boston College majoring in business. Chris’ son, Michael, is a current senior at Fenwick and just committed to St. Anselm College to run track. As a current parent, Chris and his wife Mary Ann serve on Fenwick’s Parents’ Council and volunteers at numerous events.
When asked for some words of advice for current Fenwick students, Chris said, “Work hard, branch out, make as many friends as possible. I encourage every student to take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities that Fenwick has to offer, and don’t be afraid to try things outside of your comfort zone.”
Thank you Chris for sharing your story with the Fenwick community, and best wishes for continued success on the links!

Rachael Clark ’13 Le Pen – From Fencing to the Big Apple!

During her high school and college years, Rachael Clark ’13 Le Pen was a highly accomplished fencer. Because of her fencing talents, Rachael was recruited by all of the top 8 Division 1 schools. She selected Temple University for her college career and was a very successful Division I fencer. While at Fenwick, Rachael earned a silver medal in the Junior Olympics. 
While at Temple University, Rachael interned at a national political consulting firm and worked for several clients during the 2016 Presidential campaign. Following this experience and studying political science and journalism at Temple, Rachael moved to New York City to work at Accenture, a global consulting firm with over 700k employees. Rachael has now been with Accenture for 6.5 years. In her role as a Strategy & Consulting Manager, Rachael has worked with 18 different Fortune 500 companies, designing the strategies, operating models, processes and enabling technologies to unlock their transformation goals. 
When asked to reflect back on why she selected to attend Bishop Fenwick, Rachael told us, “I needed a school that would be supportive of my fencing career and its challenging schedule, and Fenwick was wonderful with it in so many ways. Having family already enrolled here and even on the staff made it a standout choice.” 
We spoke with Rachael about her favorite class at Fenwick, and she quickly told us, “I loved Mr. K’s class! We always had great and engaging discussions where we were encouraged to apply critical thinking to real world problems. So many components of his class have served me well professionally and personally. Most important of all: Think different and be different. It will serve you.” 
In recalling some of her favorite Fenwick memories, Rachael said, “It amazed me at the time, and still does today, how immediately warm and welcoming folks were when I came to Fenwick sophomore year. Being a teenager is hard, and that invaluable sense of welcome can only come from a place of true authenticity and care.”
When asked for some words of advice for today’s Fenwick students, Rachael offered, “Ask questions and be interested in exploring the broader world and the many opportunities it can provide you. Try new things and be willing to fail early and often. And lastly, don’t be afraid to ask for help and guidance; people genuinely care to champion the next generation.”
Thank you Rachael for sharing your wonderful story with the Fenwick community, and best wishes for continued success with your career in New York City and your next adventure with Accenture in Dubai!

Nancy Fox ’85 – A Fenwick Alum Making History on Capitol Hill

Nancy Fox ’85 was inducted this fall into Fenwick’s Athletic Hall of Fame. She was a standout athlete at Fenwick in multiple sports, including softball, field hockey, and basketball. After graduating from Fenwick, Nancy went on to Boston College, where she had been recruited to play softball. She had great success there and served as the team captain for several years. In addition to playing softball for the Eagles, she was a founding member of the Boston College Women’s Ice Hockey Club Team.
Much like her athletic career, Nancy’s professional career excelled in Washington, DC on Capitol Hill. Nancy had an over 25 year career in Congress, working first as a staffer for Rep. Silvio Conti (R-MA), then as Chief of Staff to Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-NJ), and served as the Republican Staff Director of the powerful House Appropriations Committee—the first Republican woman to hold this position in the Committee’s history! For the past several years Nancy has served as a lobbyist in DC with Winning Strategies, helping to secure funding for organizations in the areas of defense, telecom, education, and patient advocacy.
Nancy has many wonderful memories from her time at Bishop Fenwick. When asked about her favorite classes, Nancy quickly mentioned Mr. McHugh as a terrific coach, Mr. Farley as a great Spanish teacher, Mrs. Wall as an excellent English teacher, Sr. Geraldine as a wonderful Math teacher, and Mr. K’s Honors Class. Nancy excitedly added, “I vividly remember my Spanish class doing a small field trip up to Treadwell’s and having to order our ice cream in Spanish.” Also included in Nancy’s favorite memories was being part of the first Fenwick Softball Team to win a State Championship.
When asked if she stays in touch with Fenwick friends and classmates, Nancy replied, “Yes, very much so. There is a small group of us down in DC that get together for lunch frequently. And I am still in close contact with my softball teammates and love seeing the activities posted on the Class of ’85 Facebook page.” And when asked what skills she learned while at Fenwick, Nancy told us, “Honesty, integrity, and humility. Fenwick taught me to dig, explore, ask questions, and be challenged.”
In the closing portion of our interview Nancy was asked to pass along some words of advice to Fenwick students, and she answered with, “Give yourself the opportunity to succeed, keep an open mind, get to know people, and get involved. Always be genuine; people know the difference.”
Congratulations, Nancy on your many amazing accomplishments, and for sharing your amazing story with the Fenwick community!

Jeff Wells ’91—A Strong Believer in Global Education

Recently we had the pleasure of connecting, via Zoom, with Jeff Wells ’91 in Seville, Spain where he lives with his wife and daughter. Jeff currently serves as the International Relations Officer at the Carlos V Education school. The school is part of an international education organization with a clear mission to develop the teaching of various languages and promote linguistic, work, and cultural immersion in Spain and other countries.
Jeff’s path to his current position in Spain took a few turns. As an undergraduate student at Salem State University, Jeff did a semester abroad in Seville, Spain. After graduating from Salem State, Jeff taught Spanish at a few North Shore area high schools for a couple of years. Looking to advance his Spanish teaching certification, Jeff attended a language academy in Seville. He never came back home! He fell in love with the Spanish culture and decided to teach English at a language academy in Seville, and he then went on to be a teacher at the Carlos V Education school. After several years of teaching, Jeff transitioned into his current position at the school as their International Relations Officer, working as a liaison with schools around the globe promoting study abroad programs. One such American school that Jeff works closely in bringing students to Spain is Bishop Fenwick, which he loves!
When asked why he chose to attend Bishop Fenwick, Jeff told us that he knew immediately while attending the Admissions Open House that Fenwick was where he wanted to be. He felt a very strong sense of family and community when visiting Fenwick as a prospective student; it was just the right fit for him. While at Fenwick, Jeff’s favorite class was his government class with Mr. Kawczynski. “Mr. K’s class really made us think and debate global issues at so many levels”, said Jeff.
When asked about his favorite Fenwick memories, Jeff said, “The Track Team with Coach Jack Farley. Running the Portside Diner loop, cold morning runs, warming up in the hallways, and after practice Treadwell visits. I remember it all like it was yesterday!” And when asked about the skills he learned while at Fenwick, Jeff told us, “I got a great Spanish foundation in my class with Majella Sheehan. And I had many great teachers, and to this day I try to use their styles of teaching in all that I do.”
In providing some words of advice to today’s Fenwick students, Jeff said, “Make sure you listen to your gut for what you really want to do with your life. Do what you like to do, be less concerned about just fitting in, and work hard to get others involved.”
Jeff will soon be visiting the United States on business, and we are excited that he will be stopping at Fenwick to speak with the students about international education and studying abroad. Thank you Jeff for sharing your global story with the Fenwick community!

Candace Harris ’00 Perreault: Embracing Autism in a Very Special Way

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability that can cause significant social, communication, and behavioral challenges in children and adults. Approximately 1 in 36 children are diagnosed with ASD, and the costs associated with a child having ASD are overwhelming, nearing $1.5 million.
Having a child with ASD and knowing other parents who also have children with ASD, Candace Harris ’00 Perreault wanted to do something to help the many families on the North Shore in need of ASD support. In 2019 Candace, along with two fellow Autism Moms - Katie Billingsley & Keri McGloin - created Rock the Spectrum Foundation.
The mission of the foundation is to bring awareness, support, and hope to families impacted by Autism. In just a few short years the foundation has raised over $150,000 for the Northeast Arc & their Autism Support Center by doing a wide variety of special events. According to Candace, “Our November gala gets bigger each year, and the number of supporters keeps growing exponentially!”
Reflecting on how her Fenwick education helps her today, she told us, “The School gave me a strong work ethic; a clear understanding of teamwork, leadership, and effective communication; good listening skills; and the importance of community service and volunteering. All of these life lessons helped me in creating the foundation.”
After graduating from Fenwick, Candace went on to graduate from Salve Regina in 2004 with a BS in business administration. In addition to her leadership of the Rock the Spectrum Foundation, Candace also works in the electric utility industry.
When asked if she still stays in touch with Fenwick classmates, Candace quickly responded by saying, “I always say how fortunate I am for Fenwick bringing such wonderful people and close friends into my life. There is always constant laughter when we are together. And one of my favorite annual traditions that we do over the holidays is a Very Fenwick Christmas!”
For her favorite Fenwick memories, Candace told us that being the emcee for the Fall Pep Rally her senior year was big! And she also vividly remembers sitting in her computer class junior year and learning about this new thing called Google! Wanting to offer some words of advice for today’s’ Fenwick students, Candace said, “Work hard, stay focused, and cherish your friendships. Get involved. Be kind to yourself and your peers. And most importantly, be present and live in the moment. Your four years at Fenwick go by very quickly!”
Thank you, Candace, for sharing your story with the Fenwick community, and for all that you are doing for ASD families on the North Shore. If you wish to learn more about Rock the Spectrum Foundation along with their upcoming Disco-themed gala in November, please visit:

Walter Darrach ’04: A Fenwick Alum who is Flying High in his Profession

We recently had the opportunity to meet with Walter Darrach ’04 who resides in Dallas, TX, while he was vacationing on the North Shore with his family. After graduating from Fenwick, interested in aviation maintenance. Walter attended East Coast Aero Tech at Hanscom Field in Bedford, MA. Soon after Walter moved to Texas in search of career opportunities and of course, warmer weather, which is the place he and his family have called home for the last 18 years.
In 2009 Walter started his own aviation maintenance company that has since grown into a multifaceted aviation asset management and compliance company with an off shoot into airport property development. Walter’s company now services customer and business assets across the country and internationally. 
When asked what his favorite Fenwick classes were, Walter told us that his freshman social studies class with Mrs. Howard was by far his top choice. He also enjoyed his sophomore history class with Mr. Harrington. Additionally, Walter was fascinated by his computer classes as they were an introduction to the internet and a whole new world! When asked what some of his favorite Fenwick memories were, Walter told us, “Being part of the Tech Club. Although I never acted in any Fenwick theater productions, being a part of the Tech Team and running the spotlights and sound gave such a great feeling of teamwork.” Another fond memory of Walter’s includes, “Watching the upper classmen dig out everyone’s cars at the end of the school day during a major snowstorm. We were all amazed that our cars were completely buried, and we all worked together to shovel, rock, and push them out!”
While overseeing the daily operations of his company, Walter is the father of 6 children, all of whom are home-schooled by he and his wife, Tiffany. It is quite evident that Walter and Tiffany make an amazing team, both at work and at home with their kids. In his spare time, Walter has dipped his toe into politics, just recently wrapping up a term as City Councilman in Midlothian, Texas. Walter told us that somewhere down the line he would like to run for a higher office in Texas.
When asked what words of advice he would like to give to today’s Fenwick students, Walter told us, “Your experience at Fenwick is a great time, in a protected environment from which to grow as a young teen to a young adult. Meet new friends and forge what could possibly be life bonds! Around you, you have a safety net of love, and helping hands.” 
Thank you Walter for sharing your remarkable journey with the Fenwick community, and best wishes on much continued success with your aviation business!

Tom Griffin '83— A Chief in the Fenwick Family

We recently had the opportunity to interview Peabody’s Police Chief and Fenwick alum Tom Griffin ’83 at his office in the Peabody Police Station. Tom has served as Peabody’s Police Chief for over 8 years, and prior to that, he served in a variety of senior roles with the Salem Police Department for 27 years. In addition to Tom, Fenwick is well represented on the Peabody Police Force with 10 other Fenwick graduates.

When we asked Tom how he selected Fenwick for his high school education he told us that his parents were big believers in Fenwick, which is demonstrated by the fact that all of Tom’s six siblings (Tim ’75, Ellen ’77, Denise ’78, Terence ’80, Brian ’86, and Beth ’87) attended Fenwick too! Tom and his siblings, are very grateful for the Fenwick education they received. After Fenwick, Tom went on to Salem State University to earn his undergraduate degree, and he furthered his education by receiving his master’s degree in criminal justice at Boston University. Tom also attended the very selective FBI National Academy in Virginia, where only 1% of the nation’s law officers are invited to train.

In recalling some of his favorite memories from Fenwick, Tom quickly mentioned his history class with Sr. Judith Nee. “Sister Judith always challenged us in our class in a fun and helpful way,” said Tom. Another favorite Fenwick memory for Tom is the Track Team and the many friends he made on the team.

Tom feels his Fenwick education taught him to be respectful and kind to other people, and to treat people the way you wish to be treated. When asked what words of advice he would like to give to today’s Fenwick students, Tom told us, “Appreciate the opportunity you have been given to be at Fenwick, and be sure to give back to your community by helping others.”

Thank you, Tom, and Thank you, Fenwick graduates on the Peabody Police Force, for serving and protecting our community each and every day!

Jason Maxwell’96— The Definition of a Successful Entrepreneur

Students recently had the opportunity to hear from alum, Jason Maxwell ’96, at our weekly Fenwick Connect assembly. Jason shared some of his incredible impressive professional background. More importantly, he focused on the critical value of having strong relationships with family and friends. After speaking with the students, we had the opportunity to meet with Jason and learn a bit more about his Fenwick experience and his business career.

When asked why he chose to attend Bishop Fenwick, Jason told us that he wanted to attend a Catholic school with strong values that had an excellent athletic program and offered a co-ed environment. Some of Jason’s favorite Fenwick memories included driving his Oldsmobile Delta 88 to school listening to 90’s hip hop music with Fenwick friends. Another favorite memory was when the press began to refer to the Fenwick Football team, of which he was a key member, as The Menace on Margin Street. They successfully defeated unbeaten Matignon on their home field!

After graduating from Fenwick, Jason went on to Salem State University and then to Salve Regina University where he earned his degree in accounting. Post college, Jason began his career in sales, working for ADP and then Intuit. Knowing he wanted to start his own business at some point in time, in August 2004 Jason launched MassPay, a payroll company in the attic of his home in Lowell. Fast forward to 2023, and Jason is now the Founder and CEO of MP-Wired for HR (formerly MassPay). MP-Wired for HR is an advanced payroll and HR services company based in Beverly, MA, with several other locations throughout the country. Jason’s company services healthcare, manufacturing, restaurants, retail, professional services, non-profits, and education.

When reflecting on what skills he learned at Fenwick, Jason told us there were many, with the real key ones being relationships, values, and prioritizing team. We asked Jason what words of advice he might like to share with Fenwick students, he replied, “The value of your life will be the quality of your relationships. Invest generously and consistently in your relationships with family, friends, teachers, coaches, and mentors." And Jason added, "Take at least an hour per day to devote to your mind (reading), body (exercise), and spirit (prayer/meditation)—EVERY.SINGLE.MOMENT.MATTERS.”

Thank you, Jason, for taking time out of your very busy schedule to come and share your great story with the students and our Fenwick community. If you are interested in learning more about Jason’s company, here is the link:

Jen LaVita ’05—An Artist with a Very Unique Background!

 Not too many Fenwick alumni can boast the incredibly diverse resume of Jen LaVita ’05. A graduate of Syracuse University, Jen started her career as a US Army Air Defense Artillery Officer, which entailed leading platoons of soldiers, flying blimps, and sky diving from planes! She then left the Army and pursued their real passion – for the arts.

Today, Jen is an accomplished, award-winning artist living in California with her husband. Her talents in the arts are many, but a growing love of hers is the design and painting of very large murals, seen throughout the city of Los Angeles, around Palm Springs, CA, as far away as Seville, Spain, and as close to Fenwick as Salem, MA.

Jen has stayed connected to her military background as an Executive Board member of the United States Veterans’ Artist Alliance (USVAA). In conjunction with the USVAA, Jen has exhibited her work with Warner Brothers, Sony, and Boeing, and she was featured on ABC News. And when not scaling buildings to paint murals, Jen is a volunteer artist with the non-profit, Access Books CA, designing and leading teams of volunteers in painting murals in lower income schools throughout Los Angeles.

We were thrilled to welcome Jen back to Fenwick in January, as she connected with students in several art classes. She spoke to the students about following their passion in the arts, and about ways to make their love for art a thriving profession. Jen showed the students a wide selection of her works and the shared the various techniques she uses in painting her pieces.

We enjoyed our time speaking with Jen and learned about her days at Fenwick. When asked why she chose to attend Fenwick, she said, “The school’s Catholic feel, its community, and the facilities were all important to me.” When asked about her favorite classes, Jen quickly responded, “My art classes with Mr. Phelan and Mrs. Hallinan. They were both very influential in my art career. My art classes at Fenwick gave me a better foundation than those in college.”

When talking about the overall skills she learned at Fenwick, Jen told us that Fenwick teaches its students to be good people, both kind and well-rounded. Jen then offered the following words of advice to Fenwick’s students, “Hard work pays off. Explore! Keep open minded and always try new things!”

Thank you, Jen, for coming to Fenwick and sharing your passion for the arts with our students! If you wish to learn more about Jen’s work, please visit her website at:

Taking Fashion to New Heights

We recently had the pleasure to meet with Amanda Curtis ’05 near her Boston home at Beacon Hill Books and Café. As a designer, turned entrepreneur, Amanda knows firsthand how difficult it is to break into the fashion industry. After dreaming of a career in fashion while at Bishop Fenwick, and graduating from Boston University and Parsons School of Design, Amanda went on to great fashion design success. She has been actively involved with New York Fashion Week, designing for celebrities, like Ellen DeGeneres, and bringing multiple designs to London Fashion week. 
Despite all of Amanda’s success, she always thought that there must be a better, more efficient way to make the fashion design industry work. With this in mind, Amanda went on to create Nineteenth Amendment, a company that provided cutting-edge technologies and business practices, helping designers enter the fashion industry with the least amount of time, effort, and money, while growing domestic micro-manufacturing. Amanda’s goal was to make the fashion industry better for everyone—from designers and shoppers to manufacturers and retailers. 
Amanda’s success at Nineteenth Amendment was incredibly impressive. She worked with over 2,000 fashion brands across 30 countries, and she forged creative retail partnerships with global brands like Disney, Macy’s, Lord and Taylor, Microsoft, Dell, and NBC Universal’s Project Runway. Amanda is in Forbes 30 Under 30 for Retail and E-Commerce, and Apparel Magazine’s 30 Under 30, and she was named one of the National Retail Federation’s Person Changing Retail’s Future. 
When asked why she chose to attend Bishop Fenwick, Amanda quickly responded, “Fenwick has one of the strongest high school art programs in the state.” In speaking with Amanda about her favorite Fenwick memories, she replied, “The cross-country team! I loved to run and I loved being with everyone on the team. Many are still some of my closest friends.” 
As she reflected upon the important skills she learned at Fenwick, Amanda told us, “I found my creative side at Fenwick. I also learned the importance of community, striving towards common good, and living a positive perspective in life.” When asked for some words of advice for Fenwick students, Amanda provided us with the following, “You are more capable of many great things than you think you are. Don’t let your age stop you from doing anything big!” 
Fenwick was so grateful to have Amanda visit the school last month and speak to the entire student body in the School’s auditorium. Her message was quite powerful and showed today’s students where a Fenwick education can take them. Thank you Amanda for your wonderful visit to Fenwick!

Fenwick Alum is the King of Fruits and Vegetables

We recently met up with Richie Travers ’73 at a 50th reunion football event at Fenwick. After a brief conversation with Richie, we had the opportunity to visit with him at his distribution center in Chelsea where he owns and operates one of the area’s largest fruit and vegetable companies—Travers Fruit Company. During our tour with Richie, large produce shipments were arriving every few minutes from all over the country and the globe. 

Richie spent years in the food wholesale industry, and back in 2011 he and his brother, Paul, created the Travers Fruit Company. His company services many of Boston’s major restaurants, grocery stores, leading hotels, and private companies. Richie, who starts his day at 3:00am making sure all of the necessary shipments and deliveries for the day ahead are set, told us that his brother is the best business partner a guy can have! 

There is strong Fenwick legacy in Richie’s family, as all three of his sisters graduated from Fenwick as well—Ann ’69, Elaine ’71, and Barbara ’74. When asked how he got in to the produce industry, Richie told us, “In my late teens I worked for a fruit store, then became interested in starting my own store, which I did for several years, then moved on to selling fruits and vegetables on the whole food side, which I did for 22 years. Ultimately, I created the Travers Fruit Company with my brother Paul, and it has been full steam ahead!” 

When asked about skills he learned while at Fenwick, Richie told us that his many great athletic coaches taught him structure, and the overall Fenwick experience gave him great social skills. As for advice to give to today’s Fenwick students, Richie said, “Life is a marathon, so always keep marching forward. And always be kind to those people in your life.” 

Thank you, Richie, for sharing your story with us, and for keeping our grocery store shelves stocked with apples, bananas, strawberries, and so much more! To learn more about the Travers Fruit Company, please visit them on Facebook at:

Anchors Away with Krisha Naroski ’89 Plauché

We recently had the opportunity to meet with Krisha Naroski ’89 Plauché in her office and showroom overlooking Little Harbor in Marblehead, MA. Krisha is the owner of Onboard Interiors, an award-winning full-service design firm specializing in custom marine interiors for power and sailboats, both private and commercial. Krisha’s portfolio of work has boats ranging in size from 24 feet to over 200 feet! Krisha’s resume includes celebrity yachts, super yachts, historic yachts, and the largest privately-owned sailing yacht in the world!

Krisha’s experience in the marine world is quite extensive. Her background as a licensed United States Coast Guard Captain and a certification from Westlawn School of Marine Technology, along with several years as a yacht designer, provide Krisha with the skills and tools to outfit any vessel. She is also a contributing author to many industry magazines, past Director of the Massachusetts Marine Trades Association, and a member of the American Society of Interior Designers.

When asked why she chose to attend Fenwick, Krisha told us that after she graduated from middle school at St. Mary’s in Danvers it was a comfortable fit for her. According to Krisha, “My favorite memories from Fenwick include the great retreats, being in the plays, and my art class with Mrs. Daley and my French Class with Ms. Colozzi.” Krisha added, “Faith was a very important piece of my education at Fenwick. It is something still very important to me and my family.”

Krisha, who graduated from Simmons University with a double major in marketing and management, is grateful for the many skill sets she learned at Fenwick. “The school really helped me learn how to map out my day and stay organized, something I use every day,” said Krisha. In addition to Krisha, her sister Shayna also graduated from Fenwick in 1994. When Krisha was asked for some thoughts to pass along to the current students at Fenwick, she told us, “Congratulations, you made it through Covid. You have really been tested the past two years and you have succeeded! Use this adaptability and resilience to your advantage in life.” 

Thank you Krisha for sharing your interesting story, and Fenwick memories with us! 

Fenwick alumni embrace the meaning of Month of All Souls

During this Month of All Souls where we remember and revere those who have gone before us, we are proud to highlight the work of three alumni that embody this spirit on a daily basis to honor a recently passed classmate. After the passing of Phil (Phizzle) Reddy ’99, Jr. in 2020, his close friends and Fenwick classmates Matt Beaupre ’99, Jeff Raymond ’99, and Bill Fouhey ’99 created the Philip Reddy, Jr. Memorial Fund to honor their close friend. As described on the fund’s website, its mission reads: Phil relished the opportunity to help others and exuded positive energy in everything he did. Therefore, in his honor, all donations given to the fund will go to support the greater community, with a focus on providing scholarship dollars to Bishop Fenwick students and programmatic dollars to the Boys and Girls Club of Salem. 
According to one of the founders of the Philip Reddy, Jr. Memorial Fund, Matt Beaupre ’99, “Fenwick holds a very special place in all our hearts. Fenwick gave us the opportunity to make lasting friendships with our classmates, like with Phil. As alumni, We know how much Fenwick meant to Phil. So when it came time to decide where we wanted the memorial fund gifts to be allocated, Fenwick was at the top of our list.” 
“Knowing Phil instantly made you a better person," describes Jeff Raymond ’99, another founder of the memorial fund. “He was incredibly positive. Once you met Phil he considered you a friend. He would do anything for his family and friends and was the most loyal person I’ve ever known.” 
When asked what inspired the group to create the memorial fund, its treasurer
Bill Fouhey ’99 told us, “After Phil had passed we were looking for ways to continue his legacy, one of generosity and positivity. Setting up this charity made the most sense to us. We are thankful and fortunate to have had great success in our fundraising since creating the memorial fund 18 months ago, which I think is a testament to Phil and the impression that he left on everyone.” 
We thank Matt, Jeff, and Bill for their inspirational work with the Philp Reddy, Jr. Memorial Fund. They are true Crusaders! Bishop Fenwick is so very grateful for the scholarship support that the memorial fund has provided to students in need at Fenwick. If you wish to learn more about the Philip Reddy, Jr. Memorial Fund or ways to get involved with it, please visit 
Photo: Members of the Phil Reddy, Jr. Memorial Fund, Jeff Raymond ’99 left,
Matt Beaupre ’99 center, and Bill Fouhey ’99 right, present Fenwick President Tom Nunan with a $3,000 check in support of scholarship dollars at Bishop Fenwick.

Leading the Way for the YMCA of Metro North

As we met in the lobby of the Torigian Family YMCA in Peabody to do our alumni spotlight interview, it was clear that Kathleen Kelly’84 Walsh was right at home with everyone there. As the President and Chief Executive Officer of the YMCA of Metro North, she was greeting many staff, Y members and guests that she knew well. With a strong and clear mission, the Metro North YMCA strengthens the communities it serves, which includes Peabody, Lynn, Melrose, Saugus, and Stoneham, through youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. The YMCA of Metro North serves over 60,000 people annually.

When asked why she chose to attend Fenwick, Kathleen quickly answered by saying, “My older sister, Lynda, went to Fenwick, Class of 1982 and she loved the vibe of the School. And I wanted the same! My sister Karen ’85, then followed along as well.” Kathleen’s favorite memory of her time at Fenwick is being on the Cross Country Team. I discovered my passion for running at Fenwick, and I’m still running today!”  And boy is Kathleen still running, as she has completed 61 marathons all over the country and the world, such as Hawaii, Paris, Philadelphia, Delaware, New Hampshire, and Maine. She has completed 23 Boston Marathons!

After graduating from Fenwick, Kathleen went on to Providence College where she earned her bachelor's degree in Business and Humanities. After graduating from Providence, Kathleen went on to Northeastern University and earned her master's degree in sports and recreation. Immediately after graduating from Northeastern, Kathleen began her career with the YMCA, where she has had a 30+ year career.

According to Kathleen, “Fenwick formed my character, my value of teamwork, time management skills, and the value of friendships.” When asked what words of advice would you give to today’s Fenwick students, she told us, “Don’t back yourself into a corner, be flexible, and be adaptive. And most importantly, cherish the friendships you make at Fenwick. Many of my best friends are from Fenwick, and they are like members of my family.”

A Successful Team of Fenwick Restaurateurs

On a warm summer afternoon, sitting on the upper level of The Deck restaurant in Salisbury, owner Mark Audette’74 and his son Conrad '06, shared with us their memories of their Fenwick years. They also reflected upon their professional journeys owning and operating three wonderfully unique and incredibly successful restaurants. “It is truly a family business,” said Mark. “My son Conrad '06, manages The Deck in Salisbury. My daughter Carling '09, along with my wife, Tara, manage The Village Restaurant in Essex. And I manage Giuseppe’s Italian Restaurant in Newburyport.” According to Mark, they also employ several Fenwick graduates.

Regarding their time at Fenwick, Mark remembered fondly his theology class where he learned about a variety of religions around the world. He also recalled fondly Fr. Graham’s English class. “I never had one bad day at Fenwick,” Mark declared. And for Conrad, he remembered his choral experience when the Fenwick singing group traveled to NYC to perform at Carnegie Hall. “Winning the conference with the Swim and Tennis teams was also an exciting time for me at Fenwick,” added Conrad.

When asked why they chose to attend Fenwick, Conrad very much wanted a Catholic education. He knew his father had a very positive experience at Fenwick and he wanted a similar culture and community to strengthen his faith. Mark selected Fenwick for its co-educational and Catholic mission. Both spoke eloquently about how, years later, they are still using the skills they developed at Fenwick. Mark said, “Learning how to get along with diverse groups of people is something that has served me well.” And Conrad told us, “My Fenwick education made me who I am today. It solidified my Catholic faith and gave me the foundation I needed for the rest of my life.”

When asked what words of advice they would give to today’s Fenwick students, Mark quickly replied, “Take pride in everything you do.” Conrad shared, “Explore the many theological beliefs and spiritual opportunities in your four years at Fenwick.”

The next time you are in Salisbury, Essex, or Newburyport, stop into one of the Audette restaurant establishments for a bite to eat and some Fenwick reminiscing!

Meet JB Braun’80—Sailing with Success

Fenwick grad, JB Braun ’80, pursued his dream of sailing. That has produced a transatlantic speed record and two America’s Cup victories! JB grew up in Marblehead and fell in love with sailing at a young age. He was always fascinated by how the wind could propel a boat of any size. After graduating from Fenwick, JB went on to Northeastern University to major in mechanical engineering. While at Northeastern, JB did all three of his co-op internships working in a lab at MIT helping to develop a computerized air-flow analysis system for Hood Sailmakers in Marblehead.

JB’s career after college took off like a rocket! He accepted a job with Hood Sailmakers, while at the same time pursuing his love for competitive sailing. In 1986, JB won the silver medal in the Flying Dutchman class at the Goodwill Games. In 1988, he went to the Soul, South Korea Olympic Games as an alternate and trained many of the competitors on the US Sailing Olympic Team. JB’s professional career has equally excelled in the world of sail design. He worked at Hood Sails for six years, Doyle Sailmakers for nine years, and North Sails for the past 23 years. In 2016, JB produced sails for a record-breaking solo round-the-world speed record that was captained by Thomas Coville. Currently, JB is living in London where he is working on the design of the next America’s Cup boat for England.

When asked about his favorite class at Fenwick, JB quickly answered, “Sr. Geraldine's math class!” In recalling his favorite memories of Fenwick, JB said, “Playing hockey at the old Boston Garden in the state’s high school hockey tournament, as well as being inducted into Fenwick’s Hall of Fame.” In regard to the skills he feels he learned while at Fenwick, JB told us that the School’s tight knit community helped him greatly with all of his interpersonal skills. He shared these words of advice to today’s Fenwick students: “Be sure to always follow your dream. Find the thing you really love to do and pursue that as your job. We all need to enjoy what we are doing!”

Congratulations JB, and best wishes for smooth sailing in your future endeavors!

Getting Candid with John Tlumacki ’74

While you may not recognize his name, we are sure you will recognize his work! John Tlumacki ’74 is a well-known and highly regarded photographer for the Boston Globe, and for the past 40 years he has covered the events that make the news. From the fall of the Berlin Wall to the bombing at the Boston Marathon, from the Red Sox winning the World Series to the Patriots winning the Super Bowl, John has photographed the moments that have shaped our country and our Commonwealth. As an individual photographer, John has been a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize on numerous occasions, and along with the team at the Boston Globe, he earned a Pulitzer for his work on the Boston Marathon bombing. John was also named National Press Photographers Association's 2014 photojournalist of the year. John’s impact and legacy is most remarkable!

John grew up in Beverly, MA with the love of playing baseball and hockey. He chose to attend Fenwick with the intention of being seen for his talent in sports and for his Catholic faith. He took a photo course and was taught how to develop photos, and his love for photography grew from there. Sophomore year in high school, his father bought him a camera and John began taking photos at Fenwick’s sporting events and became very good friends with all the athletes.

John’s favorite class was his Spanish class, which allowed him to travel to Spain twice. Being able to explore the world at a young age and seeing Morocco and bullfighting with his fellow classmates and teachers, it inspired him to pursue a career in photojournalism and explore the world. John eventually went to Boston University and majored in Communications, afterwards had an internship at UPI, American international news agency, and then got his job at the Boston Globe, where he has the responsibility to communicate these events to the world with his talent of photography.

John shared with us his favorite memory from Fenwick, which was trying out for varsity baseball. He described the tryouts as “bootcamp for baseball”, where you had to run up the hill in the short stop which made him feel like if he can do this, he can do anything. This inspired John to share these words to us for all our current and future students. “Do everything you dream of doing, don’t give up and take yourself to the limit. Your four years of high school sets the course for the rest of your life, so go to games, go to parties, make friends, and put your heart and soul into being the best student.” – John Tlumacki

A Sure Bet with R. Stanton Dodge ‘86

“Make sure to take advantage of the great Fenwick academic foundation, work hard and study consistently, and remember to have fun!” These are the wise and sound words of advice given to today’s Fenwick students from R. Stanton Dodge’86, who is the Chief Legal Officer for DraftKings.

Stanton fondly remembers the strong academic formation that Fenwick provided him. To this day, he has the vivid memory of learning how to write in his English classes and how everything was broken down grammatically to the smallest detail, all of which he needs and uses in his daily life. Even after many years, the essential skills that Stanton learned at Fenwick are serving him well.

While attending Fenwick, Stanton very much enjoyed his Spanish class with Mr. John Farley '68 and his Art class with Mrs. Helen Babis-Licare, specifically ceramics. When he was a Senior, he fondly recalls the art award he received. Stanton’s favorite memories of Fenwick are Spirit Week, the Senior Luau, and getting to celebrate with his fellow classmates.

After his time at Fenwick, Stanton went to the University of Vermont and majored in Business Accounting. While taking his required college courses, one class really stood out to him, Business Law, and his professor’s stories and experiences inspired him to pursue law as a career. After graduating from UVM, Stanton earned his law degree from Suffolk University Law School. When he graduated from Law School, he began his career working in the legal department of Dish Network, a start-up company at that time in the mid-90s. In 2016, Stanton met the CEO of DraftKings and began a discussion that led him to his current position today as the company’s Chief Legal Officer.  

Stanton, who lives in Colorado with his wife and children, currently serves on Fenwick’s President’s Council providing valuable insight on the School’s strategic plan and sacred mission.

Cheers to our Fenwick Alumnus, Chris Lohring '83!

If you visit Salem, MA regularly, you must know of Notch Brewery and Tap Room. The owner of Notch, Chris Lohring, graduated from Bishop Fenwick in 1983 and while he was here his favorite class was Physics, taught by Joe Malizia. Chris told us that physics opened his eyes to how fun learning can be, and it made him want to pursue a career something related to science.

After Fenwick, Chris attended Worcester Polytechnic Institute and then went on to business school at Northeastern University and was lucky to get involved in a project developing a small brewery plan for an entrepreneurship class. That experience led him to pursue a career in brewing beer. A few years later, Chris went to brewing school in Chicago, Siebel Institute of Technology, and was a co-founder and head brewer at a brewery in Boston before starting the well-known Notch Brewery. 

In 2010, Notch Brewery officially launched, named for the nick made to a keep a record when you’re having more than one. It was the first brewing company in the US to focus exclusively on session beer. To read more of Notch’s story, go to or stop by one of their locations. If you visit Notch, you may spot Chris sharing a beer with some of his fellow Fenwick classmates!

Fun Fact: Chris played varsity Basketball for four years and went on to play in college. “I held the record at Fenwick for most fouls in a single season, and for all I know I still hold that honor!” – Chris Lohring

Matt Reed, reporting to you!

I’m sure many of you know Matt Reed for his daily television reporting on Boston’s WCVB Channel 5 morning news, but you probably didn’t know that Matt is a 2007 graduate from Bishop Fenwick!  Matt’s journey to being on one of the top-rated morning news programs in the country is inspirational in many ways. After his graduation from Fenwick, Matt went on to the University of Miami for his undergraduate degree, and then on to Boston University where he received his master’s degree in journalism. After completing his degree at BU, Matt’s career path took him to many television stations around the country, first in Boston at Channel 7 as a news writer, then on to Texas as a reporter and producer, then on to Providence, Rhode Island, as a general assignment reporter, and eventually to Boston’s Channel 5.

When asked about his favorite class at Fenwick, Matt quickly replied, “Mr. K and Social Studies.” Mr. K of course is Mr. Kawczynski.  “Mr. K prepared me so well for my honors classes and he was one of my refences for College.” When Matt was asked about his favorite Fenwick memory, he talked about playing on the soccer team.  “I loved playing on the Fenwick soccer team. I made lifelong friends on that team!”

When Matt reflected on how Fenwick has helped him with his television news career, he feels that his religion classes helped him to be a better reporter in many ways.  “My religion classes taught me about compassion and treating people the right way.  I use this compassion in how I conduct my interviews. It is important to me that I treat people right and that I do my job in a kind way.”

So the next time you are watching the morning news and hearing about a breaking story in Boston, most likely it is a Fenwick Crusader giving you all of the details!

Look for the Golden Arches in this Fenwick family

Bishop Fenwick loves to see success in the family and the occasional BigMac. We discovered this unique father daughter dynamic who are Fenwick alums that own multiple McDonald’s restaurants in the Sarasota and Bradenton Florida area. Bob Davies, class of ’66, recently retired from being a very successful owner of 6 different McDonald’s and his daughter, Denise Davies Wheeler class of ’93, who followed in her father’s footsteps now owns 5 McDonald’s restaurants in the same area.

Bob started working at McDonald’s part time when he was a teenager in school at Fenwick and has worked his way up the ladder until he finally opened his first restaurant in 1988. Denise joined her dad working at the same McDonald’s in 1997 until she decided in 2012 to partake in the same success as her father and open her first McDonald’s. Bob mentioned to us that Fenwick has provided him with a quality education and helped him create the foundation for going forward. He also can’t forget his class’ undefeated football team and the band marching up Margin St to celebrate with Tredwell’s ice cream. Bob also has another daughter, Heather Davies Villebrun, class of ’89, a brother, Brian Davies, class of ’71, and a sister, Diane Davies Ingalls, class of ’63, who are all a part of the Fenwick family. What a legacy!

During the COVID pandemic, Denise positioned to stay open, and the McDonald’s company supported them and offered guidance for all owners. Denise said that McDonald’s is a people business, it gives you the ability to understand other people and be compassionate. All of her restaurant locations are going strong and have around 1500 cars going through their drive thru on a daily basis. We are so proud of their success and honored that Bishop Fenwick can be a part of their story!


Photo Caption: Pictured from left to right, John Mahoney '88, Mark Mahoney '80, Stephanie Gagnan Mahoney '81 and Spencer Mahoney '09

We love to see our Fenwick alumni having great success with their business ventures! Congratulations to the Mahoney family on the opening of their new coffee roasting facility for Atomic Coffee Roasters in Peabody, MA. John Mahoney ’88 and his brother Andrew’84 started Atomic Coffee Roasters 25 years ago. The genesis of the business came from when John and Andrew were professional mountain bike racers and fell in love with the coffee culture out west. They created one of the first coffee shops in New England to roast coffee “in house”, and to introduce Latte art to the North Shore.  Mark Mahoney ’80 joined the business 4 years ago and brought his sons, Spencer Mahoney ’09 and Logan Mahoney, into the Operations and Business Development of the company. 

Stephanie Gagnan Mahoney ’81 inspired her husband, Mark, to get into the food business 37 years ago. She has run multiple cafes over the years in Salem, Beverly, Manchester and now owns and operates the Blue Canoe Café in Marblehead. Stephanie’s family has been in the coffee business for generations, so coffee is in their blood!

Other Fenwick alumni engaged with the Atomic Coffee Roasters business as advisors include Jim Crowley ’80 and Mike Walsh ’80.


Pictured is Alex Newell performing "Popular" from Wicked in the Wicked in Concert special on PBS. 

Congratulations to Alex Newell ‘12, who just performed in “Wicked in Concert” on PBS, which aired on August 29th, 2021. He sang beautifully to the song, Popular, which was originally sung by Kristin Chenoweth in the original Wicked cast.

Since graduating from Fenwick, Alex has been a star in all he has done. Fenwick was honored to have Alex perform at its 50th Gala. Some of Alex’s well known roles can be seen in Glee, Once Upon An Island on Broadway and, most recently, NBC’s Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. We are so proud of all of his success, and we can’t wait to see more of his amazing talent!

Wicked in Concert is now streaming on – Watch and enjoy!

Peter Andruszkiewicz '75

Hand-made artisan goods from the Catskills
Three generations of artists creating beautifully crafted bowls, charcuterie boards, pens, wine bottle stoppers, and more in the Catskill Mountains.

Alum and Fenwick Board of Trustee member Peter Andruszkiewicz '75 has remained busy since his retirement. In an email to a number of his fellow alums, Peter A recently shared ...

As you may know, I've spent quite a bit of time since my retirement learning to turn wood on a lathe. In addition I’ve also had the amazing opportunity and gift of collaborating with three of the most special women in my life... Danielle, my mother in law, Margo, and our daughter, Grace, to create a variety of wood and stained glass pieces from bowls to charcuterie boards, wine bottle stoppers, pens, boxes, and decorative wall hangings. We're excited to share our work and have recently launched a website ( as well as Facebook / Instagram accounts.

Peter A and members of his family

Tim Taylor ’79

Lost 52 Project Founder: Fenwick Alum Tim Taylor ’79

Tim, Lost 52 Project Founder, whose mission along with the team of explorers, is dedicated to preserving and telling the story of WWII Submarines and Submariners.

Recently, Tim and his team found a Navy Submarine, Missing for 75 Years off the coast of Okinawa. The U.S.S. Grayback beneath 1,400 feet of water was discovered after realizing that a mistranslated Japanese war record had pointed searchers in the wrong direction. Read below the recently published NY Times article reagrding this incredible discovery.

Click here to watch a mini documentary of Tim's work.

Tim Taylor, an undersea explorer, set up the Lost 52 Project with the goal of finding the wrecks of every American submarine lost in World War II. Credit...Mary Inhea Kang for The New York Times

John Ismay
Published Nov. 10, 2019 Updated Dec. 2, 2019

A 75-year-old mystery has been solved, and the families of 80 American sailors lost at sea will now have closure: the U.S.S. Grayback has finally been found.

It was hidden from discovery all this time by a single errant digit. Click to continue reading...

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