Academic Support Center

Meeting students where they are to learn how they learn, and to self advocate.


The Academic Support Center

  • Supports students with documented learning differences
  • Provides/implements academic/testing accommodations when appropriate
  • Provides executive function coaching/academic support during study hall.

Open Programs

  • Math Monday
    • Each Monday from 2:30-3:00 , Open to all students, peer math tutoring.
  • Folder Friday
    • Each Friday, any student in need of organizing may stop in to the Academic Support Center during study hall or a free period. Folders provided!
  • After school help
    • If you are not a student with documented learning differences and need some assistance, the Academic Support Center is available after school 2:30-3:00 or before school by appointment.






For more information on our Academic Support Program, please contact :

Erin Good   
Learning Specialist / Director of Academic Support