We believe you deserve your best.

Fenwick’s Guidance Department provides ongoing resources to students to enable them to achieve their personal best. Counselors meet with students individually and in small group settings multiple times throughout the year. They provide academic support, schedule advisement and college counseling as well as personal counseling.

Fenwick’s Guidance department provides myriad seminars for greater achievement. We believe our students deserve their best. Seminars include:

  • Learning to take advantage of new opportunities
  • Study skills
  • Self-mastery skills

Group guidance is provided on all levels for clear instruction for standardized testing, college counseling and career counseling. Our seminars ensure that the counselor writing your child’s college recommendation knows your child well and has been a part of your child’s efforts to reach his or her full potential while at Fenwick.

Additionally, throughout the year the department organizes parent meetings for each grade level. These meetings are meant to promote parental involvement in their child's education. The department provides parents with test results for all 9th, 10th and 11th graders, as well as college and financial aid information for juniors and seniors.

As the student's advocate, the counselor is a liaison between parent, teachers and student. Parents are encouraged to initiate calls to their child's counselor should they have concerns about their child's adjustment to Fenwick or academic performance.

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