College Counseling Overview

Our College Counseling team partners with Fenwick families and faculty to guide our students through the college search and application process. Informational and practical workshops and the ongoing assistance of our guidance counselors help each student grow in self-knowledge, identify interests, and find “right fit” options for post-secondary education.

Our college counseling vision is that each student is embarking on a journey of self-discovery while exploring university options and finding the right college fit. Beginning in 9th grade and continuing through senior year, students are presented with opportunities to learn more about their strengths and interests. By engaging early in the process, structuring a timeline, and making sure to keep in contact with the same guidance counselor throughout their high school years, students can make the process their own. Being an active participant in the search process empowers the students and helps them to sort through their priorities, strengths and challenges, dreams and goals.

While students are developing their university lists and attending to their applications, they are encouraged to develop their “courtship” with their preferred universities throughout their senior year. Students advocate for themselves through providing updates to their applications when appropriate, visiting campuses, and even attending classes when possible.  It is the goal of College Counseling that by May 1st each student will have discovered their best fit and will accept an offer of admission to an institution that appropriately challenges each of them to be the best version of themselves.