Campus Enhancements

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Fenwick's enters Phase II

Spring 2019

Fenwick has entered into Phase II of a 8.5 Million Renovation plan.

The completion of Phase I in the Autumn of 2018 recognized a significant investment in the physical plant; the replacement of windows throughout the academic building, resurfacing of the turf stadium field, tennis courts and numerous practice fields.

Phase II deals with expansive renovation to the former underpass area, auditorium, auditorium lobby and library. Stay tuned for additional updates!


Fenwick has been educating children for 60 years, instilling in them the values of Jesus Christ, a selfless desire to give to others, and the motivation to work hard and be a leader. Exactly what our communities need. Our students have been achieving these things in an school building that is long overdue for some upgrades. Now that is going to change.

Our teachers and students will be able to achieve their goals in a beautiful building.

Progress and Plans:

The original windows were replaced by beautiful, new, environmentally efficient windows during Summer 2018.

Beginning in Spring 2019, we are creating a new entrance, one that will make the right statement about the importance of the work we do at Fenwick, and one that provides accessibility to everyone.

We are also creating new indoor and outdoor multi-use spaces for our students to gather, share ideas, make friends, talk about their achievement, and hold exhibits and small school functions.