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Fenwick offers myriad opportunities for students to achieve their personal best beyond the classroom. They are encouraged to try new things and achieve levels they never thought possible, all while learning teamwork, leadership, cooperation, and project management. We offer numerous choices for students to expand their purview and experience.

A listing of some of the current clubs and activities

Art Club

For students interested in the visual arts who would like to spend time after school in a creative environment, the Art Club makes items for fund raisers, participates in school/community art projects, and submits artwork for competitions/exhibitions. Open studio time is also included. Students do not need to be enrolled in an art class to participate in the Art Club.

Meets: Once a week, immediately after school in art studio 2.
Moderator: Mrs. Mulkerrin

Theater Club

The Drama Club brings the star power of Broadway to the Fenwick Stage! The Theater Club produces one Fall non-musical production and one Spring musical production.

Students are involved in all aspects of theater including acting,directing, set building, stage management, costume design, technical directing, as well as many other facets. Recent productions include Footloose, Grease, Legally Blonde: The Musical, It's a Wonderful Life, Little Women, and Chicago and coming this fall 44 Plays for 44 Presidents.

Meets: The Drama Club meets multiple times a week throughout the fall and spring.
Advisor: Dr. Kellie Tropeano

Green Initiative Club

Fenwick’s Green Initiative Club focuses on bringing awareness about sustainability to the school and helps maintain it by recycling paper and plastic bottles, planting trees, and putting out helpful tips towards sustainability in the school and home and general. The club also focuses on promoting eco-friendly alternatives to our daily habits, like buying recycled products and re-using materials such as wrapping paper and gift bags around the holiday season. Club members are constantly thinking of new ways to promote the earth and “greenify” Bishop Fenwick, and is open to members as well as new and creative suggestions at any time during the year.

Meets: In PC3 alternately on Mondays and Wednesdays
Moderator: Mr. Saulnier

Math Team

The Bishop Fenwick Math Team is a member of the New England Mathematics League, an organization dedicated to bringing challenging mathematics materials to students. Contests occur six times a year from October to March and are designed to stimulate interest and confidence in mathematics. The Math Team strives to ensure that all participants have fun while they develop their critical reasoning skills in a social atmosphere.

Practices and contests against other schools are held on Tuesdays in Room 210. Students must attend all practices or complete a make-up practice assignment when a conflict occurs.

Participation on the team does not involve a full year's commitment. When your fall or winter sport has ended, you are still welcome to join for the remaining contests of the year.

Meets: Tuesdays in Room 210. Students must attend all practices or complete a make-up practice assignment when a conflict occurs.

Moderators: Mrs. Nagle, Mr. MacKay, Mr. Lyness

Fenwick Newspaper - THE FENWICKIAN

The Bishop Fenwick Newspaper, is a place where students, from freshman to senior, can investigate and report on school events and school issues, and school personalities; students are encouraged to express their personal points of view and have them printed. The newspaper includes articles on politics, sports, and issues (and more), along with great artwork and cartoons. This is a great way for students to add a resume item, to make friends, write fun articles and have them edited by their friends, and maybe learn something about journalism. Click here to see the most rececnt The Fenwickian edition.

Moderator: Mr. Canniff

Liturgical Choir

Liturgical Choir is a group of students and faculty that help the school community to celebrate and worship through Liturgical Music. This group leads the parts of the Mass that include song. We also have a core of talented vocalists who sing out the praises of God to enhance our worship in the Mass. We are always open to new instrumentalists and vocalists. Please help us to worship! Come sing a new song and make a joyful noise.

Moderator: Mr. Malandrino

National Honor Society

The National Honor Society is an organization which honors students who are outstanding in scholarship, leadership, service and character. The Faculty Council chooses the students; the students do not apply.

The requirements for membership in the National Honor Society are as follows:

A minimum scholastic average of 4.0 (This average is determined by adding the weighted values for all of the major courses the student is taking in accordance with the national regulations.)

The Faculty Council evaluates how well the candidates meet the other three requirements of service, leadership and character. Definitive criteria i.e. school records, letters of recommendation, and an essay submitted by the candidate are used by the Faculty Council for their determinations.

Service: This quality is defined through the voluntary contributions made by a student to the school or community, done without compensation and with a positive, courteous, and enthusiastic spirit.

Leadership: Student leaders are those who are resourseful, good problem solvers, promoters of school activities, idea-contributors, dependable, and persons who exemplify positive attitude about life. Leadership experiences can be drawn from school or community activities while working with or for others.

Character: The student of good character upholds principles of morality and ethics, is cooperative, demonstrates high standards of honesty and reliability, shows courtesy, concern, and respect for others, and generally maintains a good and clean lifestyle.

The National Honor Society publicly recognizes students for academic achievement, provides academic scholarships, encourages and provides opportunities for community service and re-enforces the spirit of friendship and cooperation within the school community.

Meets: Monthly on specific Thursdays with additional meetings scheduled during the academic year.
Moderator: Mr. Czarnecki

Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry plans and participates in many activities throughout the year. Some activities are required for a particular class such as the freshman and sophomore days of retreats and service and the senior service projects prior to graduation. We encourage all students to participate in activities and to use their time and talents to help the Fenwick community and the community at large.

Moderator: Ms. Foley

Anime Club

Anime Club is open to all students interested in Japanese animated films. Students view, discuss, and sometimes sketch the characters. This club is open to all grade levels.

Pep Band

The Pep Band was initiated in 2014 and has provided musical sustenance to a variety of Bishop Fenwick activities including home football games and our Open Houses. The band meets weekly. Students do not need to be enrolled in band or choir to participate. Come on down, and rock on!

Moderator: Mr. Cox

Peer Leadership

The Peer Leadership program is a hands on, leadership skills training program. The goal of peer leadership training is to develop a group of students, trained in leadership skills, who choose to use their talents and skills to help others. Students are welcome to apply to be a leader in their sophomore year. Students are required to attend the training sessions offered.

Moderator: Ms. Foley

Tech Club

The Bishop Fenwick Tech Club is responsible for providing all the tech support for shows and events held at Bishop Fenwick, including lighting, sound and stage management. Tech club welcomes new members anytime of the year.

Some of the events we work on are:

School Masses
Parent meetings
Club activities
SAC events
Drama Productions
Christmas and Spring student concert events
Improve Club
Meet the Coaches Night
Parents Night
Pep Rallies
Outside dance productions

Robotics Club

Students learn the basics of building and programming VEX robots. Members of the Robotics Club have an opportunity to learn teamwork, engineering, programming, problem solving, and critical thinking skills all while having fun.

Moderators: Mrs. Bova and Mr. Russell

Student Activity Council

The Student Activity Council is led by students who are elected by the student body. The purpose of the Council is to promote student activities, foster school spirit and social interaction. All activities sponsored by the Student Activity Council are conducted on school grounds. Any student is welcome to participate in helping to plan and run school activities.

Moderators: Mrs. Timson and Mrs.Drezek

Faculty Advisors
Freshmen - Mr. Nardone
Sophomores - Ms. Foley
Juniors - Ms. Mahoney
Seniors - Mr. Dugan

Student Help Desk

The Help Desk is for students who enjoy computers and want to learn more about how to use them, how they work and ultimately how to repair them. It is also for students who like to share their knowledge and are willing to staff a Help Desk in the Library or computer room to help other students, faculty and staff that may need assistance on the computers during the course of the day.


Leave your mark on Fenwick history! Yearbook is a great way to be involved with the school all year round. It is a club that encourages all grades to participate. Whether you want to take pictures, put the book together using our user-friendly computer program, or gathering information, all are welcome.

Moderator: Mr. Falta

Multicultural Club

Multicultural Club members bring a personal perspective and appreciation for the diverse cultures across the globe fostering understanding and valuing the differences that are present in today's world.

Select Choir

An audition-based group of singers that meets weekly to performed around the area and at special events.

Moderator: Dr. Tropeano

Fenwick TV

Fenwick TV gives members experience creating and broadcasting televison programming of Fenwick events with assistance from Peabody Access Television. Meetings are weekly with activity coinciding with various happening.

Moderator: Mr. Hurley

French Club

Join other Fenwick students interested in learning about all things French. Members do not need to speak French to join!

Moderator: Madame Eromin

Ski Club

Members of the ski club ski at Bradford Mountain during the ski season in collaboration with St. John the Baptist, Peabody. Weekly during the winter season, conditions permitting.

Moderator: Mrs. Foley

Chess Club

The Fenwick Chess Club is dedicated to building the chess community at Fenwick providing a place to study, discuss, and play chess. Players of all strengths are welcome.

Moderator: Mr. Levesque

Healing Hearts

Healing Hearts is a club that gathers in support of and in service to others. The club meets together to knit small prayer squares and create comfort cards for patients and families. Prior knitting knowledge is not required.

Mock Trail

Join the Mock Trial to engage in trial simulations in competition with teams from other school. Students develop critical thinking and public speaking skills, as well as a knowledge of legal practices and procedures.

Moderator: Mr. Wallach

Current Events

Join the Current Events club to stay up to date with local, national and global events and engage with other members for spirited and interesting discussion and dialogue.

Moderator: Mrs. Laehn

Book Club

The Fenwick Book Club is student driven and relies on suggestions from its members about what to read next and allows a great opportunity to share ideas about new and old reading favorites. The Fenwick Book Club schedules at least one Wednesday meeting a month and sometimes more.

Meets: Monthly on specific Wednesdays
Moderator: Ms. Smith

Creative Writing Club

The Creative Writing Club provides opportunities for students of all grade levels and writing abilities to write, share ideas, and collaborate in a positive, productive, and creative forum as they experiment with writing.

Moderator: Mr. Wormwood

Students Against Destructive Decisions

Get involved with Fenwick's chapter of SADD, the leading organization committed to saving lives by empowering teens to stand strong against destructive decisions. The club meets once a month typically and plan events for the Fenwick community with the most popular, the annual volleyball tournament in March.

Moderator: Mrs. Guillemette

Best Buddies

Best Buddies chapter engages students dedicated to ending the social, physical and economic isolation of the 200 million people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).

Moderators: Ms. Mahoney, Mrs. Glencross and Mrs. Hart

Stock Market Club

The Stock Market Club provides a fun and entertaining experience for students to learn important lessons about investing.

Moderator: Mr. McCarthy

Quiz Bowl

Quiz Bowl Club prepares Fenwick students for head-to-head competition to answer questions from all areas of knowledge including history, literature, science, fine arts, current events, sports, and popular culture.

Moderator: Mr. Wormwood

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