Tuition & Financial Aid


Tuition for the school year 2016-2017 is $14,100

Current Tuition Payment Plan Options and Current Fees:
Plan A  No service charge One payment in full on or before July 1.
Plan B  $75 service charge
equal payments, the first due July 1 and the
second due December 1.
Plan C  $125 service charge
monthly payments taken from checking or savings account,
beginning in July and ending in April. Click here or on the e-cashier link below .
Plan D Loan Options

St. Jean's Credit Union Line-of-Credit. Click here for information regarding
application requirements.
Payment plans ranging from 12-60 months for a minimal
finance charge. For further information visit their website
at: http://www.yourtuitionsolution.com

Financial Aid for 2015 - 2016  
Class of 2020 
The 2016-2017 FACTS Grant and Aid applications will be available on-line at https://online.factsmgt.com/signin/3GGR1 as of November 1, 2015. Applications must be submitted and verified by January 15, 2016 in order to be considered. Please remember to check this site in the future for further tuition and financial aid information regarding deadlines and other important dates. The goal of the school is to notify Class of 2020 applicants of Awards by February , 2016. In completing the reports, please use 2014 Tax Information. Updating to include 2015 Tax Information will be required in Spring 2016.                                                                                          
Current and Returning Students
Financial Aid is available and is intended to provide assistance to students and parents who are in need and who have met the school's entrance requirements. The FACTS Grant and Aid Company has been contracted by Bishop Fenwick High School to process applications for financial aid. Whether you apply for financial aid on-line or you mail your application to FACTS, supporting documentation such as W-2 forms and a copy of your tax return must also be submitted with the application. The DEADLINE  FOR APPLICATIONS IS MARCH 31, 2016 . The school's goal is to notify Current/Returning students in writing by May 5, 2016 of the amount awarded for 2016-2017 school year. 

Application for Financial Aid must be made each year that your child is a student at Bishop Fenwick. A family's financial situation can change from one year to the next, so applying each year keeps the process fair for all families. It is possible that a student may receive financial aid one year and not receive it the next, or a family who was not eligible for aid one year may be eligible the following year. 
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