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At Fenwick we believe you deserve your best, and we provide greater opportunity for you to achieve it.

When you enroll at Fenwick you get the added advantage of “Fenwick’s Personal Best” program. A four-year structured program for all students, “Fenwick’s Personal Best” offers a unique opportunity to create a richer high school experience and more robust college resume. This program includes:

On-going, class-wide meetings on the “Fenwick Five for Goodness and Loyalty” for the development of character, leadership and faith. Led by Bishop Fenwick principal Brother Thomas Zoppo, FSC, “Fenwick 5 for Goodness and Loyalty” meetings address the issues of:

Respect: we respect others - always.

Pride: we strive for our personal best in all we do.

Cooperation: we help and support each other.

Attitude: there are greater expectations of us as members of the Fenwick community.

Responsibility: we hold ourselves accountable for our actions.

On-going seminars and programs for the development of skills to increase student confidence, leadership and achievement.

Seminars vary through the four years as student needs and demands change, but all develop skills for greater achievement, including:

Guidance Department “Personal Best” seminars:

Learning to take advantage of new opportunities
Development of superior study skills
Development of self- advocacy skills
College guidance

Campus Ministry “Personal Best” programs:

Freshman retreat on the development of a positive self image
Peer leadership training on the development of leadership skills

The Fenwick Writing Program

Fenwick’s liberal arts curriculum has been designed to provide students with greater opportunities for greater academic achievement. Our four-year writing program fortifies these efforts by providing a strong foundation in mastering the mechanics of clear writing across all disciplines.

Fenwick’s Writing Program:

  • Teaches students to think clearly and organize thoughts.
  • Teaches students a clear understanding of the mechanics of writing in order to communicate clearly.
  • Proactively provides writing opportunities, particularly in English and History.
  • Challenges all students to create well-organized papers with the increasing frequency of written assignments as high school progresses.
  • Prepares Fenwick students for greater achievement in college and the workplace.

Daily mentoring or additional instructional time with our teachers for greater academic success. Read more.

Fenwick offers several opportunities for students’ increased academic achievement, including:

After-school tutoring with teachers: Fenwick teachers have an “open door” policy when it comes to additional instruction time. Extra time with teachers is not just offered, but encouraged, and all students, of all academic levels, take advantage of it to reach their personal best.

The Learning Center: The Center provides curriculum-based tutoring and assists students with learning style differences so they can reach their personal best academically. In addition, the Learning Center also:

Instructs freshmen and new students in note taking, study skills, organization, test review, test taking strategies and vocabulary building.

Works with sophomores and juniors in strengthening skills in outlining, reading, and writing.

Works with seniors on the organization of research papers, and successful test preparation.

The Fenwick “Personal Best” program provides a unique foundation for:

Greater academic achievement

Development of character and faith

Greater participation in co-curriculars

After all…you deserve your best.

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