O'Rourke Library


The O'Rourke Library and Mission Statement

The mission of the library is to support the curriculum of Bishop Fenwick High School. The librarians make available print and non-print materials that meet the students’ diversified needs. The librarians also assist the students in developing independent skills in using the library for research and recreational reading.

The library is integrated into the school in the following ways:

  • Conducting classes focused on research and life long learning skills for students for efficient and responsible information use
  • Providing hands-on experience in the use of reference materials
  • Providing access to Summer Readings & Projects
  • Presenting booktalks to students to stimulate recreational reading
  • Providing pathfinders, bibliographies and lists of specialized materials
  • Home of the Fenwick Book Club
  • Providing computers, printers, and copiers for use of teachers and students.
HOURS (school academic year calendar)

7:00 am - 4:00 pm

Book Club

O'Rourke Library History

O'Rourke Library History

The Bishop Fenwick High School library is dedicated to the O’Rourke sisters, Sister Madeleine Louise and Sister Julienne, blood sisters and Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. Sr. Madeleine was professed as a Sister of Notre Dame in 1920, and Sr. Julienne in 1938.

Sr. Madeleine Louise arrived at Bishop Fenwick in 1963 after thirty-six years in Japan teaching at a Notre Dame High School. Sr. Julienne joined her at Bishop Fenwick in 1967.

They worked together for 28 years and made the Bishop Fenwick Library one of the busiest rooms in the school. Both sisters retired from Fenwick in 1979 to the Notre Dame Long Term Care Center in Worcester, MA. Sr. Madeleine passed away in January of 1986 and Sr. Julienne in January of 2001.

“Without libraries what have we? We have no past and no future.” Ray Bradbury